[LYRICS] Freeboy _-_ In Him (Mixed By Crespin Beatz)


Eh… Yeah!
Oh! Oh! Y-e-a-h!
Oh! He’s in Me….
[ Hook ]
I am bolder, stronger, wealthier in Him,
I found the light and the light is surely in
So why not stand up, clap and sing and
dance and join me while I’m praising my
Yeah! (2X)
[ Rap Verse ]
I’m spreading the Gospel
Feel Free Call me an Apostle
If you’re a demon, then I cast you
In Jesus Name, Back to your castel (Yeah!)
Forget the things that I passed through, And
that’s true
In my ear, Jesus Whispered
He said “Freeboy you’re gonna prosper”
He said Oh! Yeah! I’m gonna prosper!
He said “I’m Alpha and Omega,
All creatures I’m their Maker,
Oh! Yeah! I remembered Rebecca,
I giveth Life, and I don’t take ah” (Yeah!)
Jesus died on the cross
With the symbol of a plus
And he made me the Boss
‘Cause he pleaded my curse
And it wasn’t by force,
But i tried to make it a must
While I’m riding on my horse
And I’m giving kings toss.
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