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A Heart Wide Open: How to Receive from God

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Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with a pastor, who has written a book entitled, How to Receive From God. I laugh as I write this because most of you think you know where this article is going already.

I was going to start by saying, “First giving honor to God, who is the head of my life.” LOL! But since I’m not into the formalities of the urban Church, let’s skip that particular prelude this time.

I read the mini-book he’d written in about fifteen minutes. The author Pastor Calvin Battle is as genuine as you’re going to get. He’s one of those 70’s babies who’s full taken advantage of all the educational opportunities afforded him. He’s in touch with his call and his community, understands the importance of giving back, is a born leader that somehow always finds himself in the most influential circles.

Just an all around likable guy who is selfless and approachable. An example, a man of God. Someone you’d want to hang out with, just to grab coffee, or talk about just about anything. A preverbal golden glove champion of the Gospel.

Talking to him, got me excited about reading his book. I couldn’t wait to tear into the revelatory information contained in it. Maybe God had opened up a secret to his ear for the world at large. I was on pins and needles as I read each page.

By the last page, I was disappointed. How to Receive From God, at that moment ended up being no more than another get rich quick scheme in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I put the book down and went about my day.

A few days later during my devotion, I started thinking about the book again. Sure the book is solid Biblically, yet at the time I was looking for a specific “new” word from God I guess. I picked up the book again, but this time I asked God to open my heart to what I could receive from this title. I wanted more than just how to get designer clothes and drive a nice car. No offense, but the ungodly do that better than the Godly already.

But God said, “There is more.” So I prayed a simple prayer. “Father open my heart to receive what You would say and teach me in these pages.”

calvin battle_pic1My comprehension of the message, the overall dynamic of the book, and the precision of the ‘secret’ God is revealing through it was so simple that I had overlooked it.

Although Pastor Battle uses experiences specific to receiving tangible goods. The broader message is that if you learn to receive from God in tangible things, you will no doubt learn to use those same directives to receive of the spiritual things.

I already have Burberry and have carried Fendi. My new focus is more about my nieces and nephews that they grow to love and honor God, being influencers and not influenced by the decaying culture of their day.

That takes receiving to a whole other level if you ask me. The clothes and cars in my mind are the easy stuff. The lifestyle of living a Godly life when everything around you is contrary to that is where the true difficulty lies. That is where I need to receive from God now more than ever.

How to Receive From God is like learning your ABC’s in preschool. A basic breakdown of how to embrace the process of receiving from the hand of God. Pure and simple. If you are struggling with paying a bill, or getting a car, this is the book that will walk you through that process, step-by-step. A Biblically sound work that I truly believe should be in everyone’s devotional library. Why?

Because we all need and relate to the tangibles. Just like learning your ABC’s with wooden blocks and paper cut-outs. God enlists our senses to teach us the things of the Kingdom. He used the tangible of a lion and bear for David. He used an axe for a group of prophets through Elisha and He very well might use a car or house for you.

God is about demonstrating an outcome so that we can learn the process. When I looked at receiving from God with that enlightened revelation, the stories in How to Receive From God that are seemingly focused on money and ‘toys’ suddenly took on new meaning for me. A luxury SUV became healing and a check became wisdom.

Pastor Battle has done a truly remarkable job of showing us the facts of receiving. Making sure the steps of the process can be understood and applied, regardless of age or education level.

However, as a reader, the first receiving lesson will start before you open the book and read the first line. You have to come with a heart open to receive the revelation contained in it.

pastor calvin battleCalvin Battle has taught me that the broadness of receiving, requires props and parables. And that by learning to receive the tangible ‘things’ from God, I graduate to receiving the intangible (deeper) ‘things’ of God more easily. Like a baby learning to walk, tangible incentives encourage progressive growth.

I encourage you to take your first steps by reading, How to Receive From God with an open heart and teachable spirit.

Then use the lessons contained in it to start a journey of not only receiving the car, the house, the check, but a faith that is unshakable and a heart that is always open to receive the next level of life that God has in store for you.

Believe me, it’s a good life, so start living it today.

For more from Pastor Battle, please feel free to visit his website, follow him on Twitter @battleworx, and like him on Facebook! And you can order your very copy of How to Receive from God on Amazon!

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