Aghogho has released a video for her Afro sound ‘I Believe.’

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Aghogho is ending up her 2021 music year with this motivating afro sound telling everyone to stay focused and be self motivated regardless of the distractions around them, with a stunning African themed visual for the song “I Believe.”

‘If I don’t believe in myself, what do I gain?’ is a rhetorical question from the lyrics meant to motivate you to stand up, search within, and become your own motivator.

If you quit up when you have the ability to believe and become, you owe yourself an apology!

On all digital streaming devices, enjoy the visuals and download the audio.

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I believe in myself, for myself nobody else
Nobody send me message, na only me waka come this world
Me I know say, if I fit think am well , I go fit do am well
Me I dey capable oooIf I fit think am well, I go fit do am well 2x
E no matter wetin anybody say for dia ooooo

If I no believe in myself wetin I gain
I for no dey here dey sing this song today
Even the songs wey you don hear before
People dey carry am for their head dey go

Wetin go make me, look another person matter,
make I dey face front dey go my way jeje jejely
As e come be now, time no too dey to dey do anyhow for this life
I don tell you oh oh oh

Make you dey your dey, make I dey my dey 2x
Me i don realise say it’s a deying sometin oooo

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