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Fada Sheyin’s “New Hope,” which features Chris Morgan, Emma Onyx, Steve Willis, and others, in New Music

Just in time for the impending elections in Nigeria, gospel musician and priest Fada Sheyin published a song. the phrase “New Hope.”

Emeck, Chris Morgan, Emma Onyx, Samuel Folabi, and Steve Willis are among the A-List Abuja-based Nigerian Gospel music ministers featured on the new single.

It is rather heartening to hear such uplifting words from the mouth of yet another priest who was directly impacted by the incidents, especially in light of everything that has recently occurred in the country, particularly the assassinations of Catholic priests in the northern portion of the country.

With this song, Fada Sheyin demonstrates such tenacity. Five Nigerian gospel musicians are willing to stake it with him because of how strongly he believes it. In addition, it is a song of prophecy that sheds light on hope before to the upcoming elections, including the one for president on February 25.

Get inspired by the single “New Hope” by Fada Sheyin and let the ray of hope shine through your window.

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