How I Fell Prey to Jezebel: Learn How to Discern This Spirit in Your Own Life


In February of this year, a man in Austria had a dream. In it, a mystical woman with a dark aura was in hot pursuit of him. He did not think she wanted to kill him, yet he knew that she was dangerous. He escaped her at that time, yet came back again. This time, she clearly announced herself and offered him a deal: he could join her and worship her and in turn, she would show him a different way of doing things. Yet if he agreed, she said there was no turning back. Even though he was tempted, he turned down the covenant because something gave him pause. Upon waking up, he googled the name to discover who exactly this she-demon was. Her name was Jezebel. In his Google search, he found Desiree M. Mondesir and her many writings on the spirit of Jezebel. They confirmed his decision to not make a covenant to this spirit-entity.

How I Fell Prey to Jezebel_GodNeverLeavesHisOwnWithoutanEscapeAnother man, this time from Miami, had his own dream. In it, a beautiful woman came to him and told him that a young woman he had recently befriended was Jezebelic like the Queen of Heaven. She told him they would travel the world together and that she would be installed as a teacher to him and his fellow bi-, homo-, and transsexual friends. This young man, knowing nothing of the Bible, or Jezebel, or the Queen of Heaven thought this wonderful news and asked another friend who Jezebel was. A beautiful goddess, the girl replied. He, unlike the Austrian gentleman, bought the words of this spirit hook, line, and sinker and sought out to pursue and eventually stalk the young teacher. The teacher was Desiree and she, being aware of the spirits tactics, did not fall into the trap prepared for her.

Jezebel. You know her. And if you dont know her by name, then you most likely have experienced her deceptions at one point or another. She may have influenced someone youve met before in life, a minister, friend, parent, or other family member. In fact, it may not even be a she. It might be a him. Whomever it was, however you encountered them, chances are you were and possibly still are reeling from the effects of this spirit on your life.

That too was Desirees experience. From the first lady to the family member to the friend, she became well acquainted with this spirit at a young age and one relationship after another, it continued to gain access to her life until the mask was pulled back and the spirit behind the person eventually revealed. And after so many encounters, she began putting the pieces together; began recognizing the parallels between her own life experiences and the Bible, and words began to leap off the pages.

DSC02664aIs there an end to this battle? Does it fight you ceaselessly or does it give you breaks every now and then? Is it even an it? Or is it a he or a she? And why does it, she or he, come against you to begin with? All of these questions and more, Desiree breaks down in her new release How I Fell Prey to Jezebel: Uncovering Jezebel and Her Deceptions. Available on Amazon Kindle on November 10, you wont want to miss out own the wisdom and revelation broken down in this eBook!

Whether you be prophet, pastor, intercessor, or bricklayer; whether you are seeking to learn the ways of this particular demonic prince, understand witchcraft, or simply expand your knowledge of spiritual warfare, this eBook is for you. Get your copy today!


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