Iniquity, the Gateway Drug to Sin

Iniquity. The sliver wrapper around the chocolaty goodness of sin. Many have danced with this devil in the pale moon light, and lived to tell the tale, yet others, have been so taken in by the seductive, silky smooth nature of the package, that they never realized until it was too late just how wrong their actions were. Get the feeling we’re not talking about chocolate anymore? We’re not, but let me end with this little disclaimer: If Chocolate is wrong, I don’t wanna be right….I’ll take the sin….Just Saying.
Good friends will tell you when you’re wrong. Some may enjoy it a tad bit too much, but there isn’t a law that states you cannot enjoy admonishing a friend…I’ll remember that. I think the Grace comes in, (after a weekend of forced self-introspection), when one realizes just how easy the wrong thing, with the right intention is. I’ve danced with iniquity so many times, that I no longer think how certain actions (of mine) will affect the feelings of others. I mean, I don’t set out to cause pain where pain already exists, but intention matters little…when I do. We like to think we’re helping when in church we say, “We need to pray for Martha” but honestly, has anyone asked Martha how she feels about being prayed over???? NOPE….and THAT my friends….is gossip. I’ve been the victim of gossip and sadly, I’ve been the offender of the sin as well, but when the lines are blurred, that is, when False Witness hasn’t exactly been bared…the line between the wrapper and the chocolate becomes mighty fine…..The yardstick I use is: If my actions are not motivated by LOVE….it’s SELF…and SELF is SIN.
This whole fame crap is kinda sucky. I’m not being ungrateful, I’m just Saying. I get that I chose this, I get that I don’t get to determine what does and does not get judged, and I get that just because I say I’m not a Role Model, doesn’t mean I’m not a Role Model……but COME ON. I’m grateful for the opportunities to improve myself, painful as it may be, because I get to learn. Every time I’m brought before the court of public opinion and found guilty, my skin grows a little thicker…. I’m grateful to all those who step to me by calling me out in public. I gotta tell ya, however, some things are too easy, and I do them without thinking. My intentions are never motivated by an evil desire to be a troll, but that matters little, when someone is hurt. I suppose the greater good lies in the fact that there are those who care enough to not see me sin….because sin takes away Mercy Points…..I don’t have many left, so friends, I open the door to you (sigh). If you see me dancing with iniquity….tell me…’s too easy to sin, and THAT’S why the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions……um, but if you could line up and take turns…that’d be great. I’ve had enough this weekend…..Okay, gotta go. That’s enough self-debasement. Duchess is up, Sweetness is going to school, and the Guardians should be here any minute….Mommy’s home….how much longer before we go back? Happy Fall…Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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