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WOMEN AND TROUSER INTRODUCTION: Whats wrong about women putting on trouser? The reason is sometimes said that women should not wear trousers is that we read “a woman shall not wear a mans Garment, nor shall a man put on a womans cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God{Deuteronomy 22:5}. No reason is …

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Sponsored Post: Must-Have Clothes For Summer 2017

Millions of people all over the world are looking forward to summer, but one of the most important issues for fashionistas is which clothes and styles are going to be in vogue for the summer of 2017. With clothing trends changing every season, keeping up with the fashion can be a tough challenge. Luckily, our summer fashion guide is going …

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MUSIC: Wired 2 Win – Prince Alabasta [@princealabasta_]

Prince Alabasta the Energetic Praise Leader and Songwriter finally releases his much anticipated single Wired 2 Win this song has a very unique sound it speaks to everyone, it has a feel of tradition/culture in it you can tell when you listen to it. Prince Alabasta specially cooked this tune through the inspiration of the holy spirit to encourage us, …

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Trendiest Acer laptops and the history of the brand

Taiwan has many computer companies, but only a few of them have managed to provide such a large impact on the PC market as it has been done by Acer. The company produces complete systems, notebooks and, recently it has started to produce smartphones. Nowadays, the Acer Group is one of the most influential corporations, it originates from the small …

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A Few Words About Relationships

When the word relationship is pronounced, it triggers complicated thinking processes. Relationship is the notion that embraces too wide array of things. They are everywhere and are expressed in various forms. For instance, relationships between children and parents have always been a matter of concern and an object of controversies. People try to figure out whether so-called generation gap really …

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Jumpsuit Dilemma: To Wear Or Not To Wear

Fashion has been always quite a controversial thing. Sometimes it declares nice clothing to be too simple, and instead offers something uncomfortable and awkward-looking. There are things that become outdated really fast, and other ones coming back from the past century become trendy for years. No wonder that its not easy for people to decide what to wear. In all …

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Xbox One. Get it with Jiji

Xbox One opens the entirely new gaming world and a new generation of consoles. This model features one of the best interfaces for multiple gamers mode, which will be highly estimated even by the strictest critics. Xbox One is not only about gaming it is the best way of entertainment for everybody. It allows listening to music, watching videos …

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Camis on Jiji.ng Buy cheaper!

  No wardrobe is complete without camis. You can get some of them (or even a lot) for different occasions and to wear with different clothes. And when it is hot outside, camis will be a perfect solution for adding some difference and originality to your look. In the end, everything genius is simple. Enough speaking; just open Jiji.ng and …

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