Pastor calls Beyoncé a ‘witch’ and compares attending her concerts to a Satanic ritual.

One self-described “mouthpiece for God” has warned that going to Beyoncé concert could ruin your soul.
 After labeling the 41-year-old         “Cuff It” singer “witch” that all Christians should oppose, Tiphani Montgomery, 40, is provoking discussion 
In video shared on social media last week, Montgomery, who created the Covered By God ministry, brashly declared, “I chastise you in the name of Jesus, how dare you call yourself Christian.
She continued, “I don’t care whatever preacher you have who’s cool with it, who thinks it’s cool, or who sings along to the tunes because they want some clout.
Montgomery compared the performer’s concerts to “witch” holding covens, but on grander scale, despite the fact that the singer and her husband, Jay-Z, are familiar with Illuminati and brainwashing conspiracy beliefs.
Tiphani Montgomery passionately spoke about why Christians should not be Beyoncé fans last weeks in videos that have gone viral. Tiktok / , prophetesstiphani
“A witch’s coven is often small affair. 
The average size of witch’s coven is three to seven persons, according to the so-called prophet.
“It becomes hive when it numbers in the thousands. 
Are you individuals in that lady Beyhive? 
And you identify as Christian? 
She was referring to the following of the “Church Girl” singer. 
May the Lord deal with you favorably.
Montgomery and Beyoncé’s representatives have been approached by The Post for comment.
Montgomery reiterated his characterization of Beyoncé’s work as “witchcraft” in statement to The Post on Tuesday.
“The audience received warning to wake up and pay heed in the message provided at my event at God’s direction. 
The arts produce! 
In her statement, she said, “We as Christians and as Believers have no business supporting any artist who is aware of and uses the occult to create.
“Her messages, videos, and music are all witchcraft. 
Simply put. 
No one would have had much to say if the message hadn’t been about someone to whom many have accorded “idol” status. 
So here we are, and my position, which is still God’s position.

Montgomery said in a statement to The Post that she “was a fan, hence the tweets you shared” in the “past.”

Internet sleuths discovered a number of tweets from years earlier, when Montgomery was singing a different tune. In one post, she even claimed in 2010 that she was “addicted” to Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me” and that she had gone to a Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert in 2014.

Following the discovery of her previous, pro-Queen Bey posts, Montgomery defended herself on Twitter by stating: “I publically came against and attacked their deity Baalyonce [sic] therefore they found these tweets from 2010, 2011, and 2014.”

In August 2015, I was saved in the shower. Everything that was previously tweeted by me was me being just as blind as you are right now, she said.

Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams, 43, “joined the chat” on Super Bowl Sunday and criticized Montgomery’s remarks. Michelle Williams released many gospel albums after the group split up in 2006.

Williams stated in video posted on Instagram that she was “just witnessing lot going on, things that are being said, specifically against entertainers, specifically about entertainers that even have relationships with, entertainers that know off the stage.”


“I only wish that we would openly pray for entertainers in the same way that we criticize them and sentence their souls to damnation. 
am aware that it is not my calling to condemn entertainers to hell and declare their demise. 
Devil is falsehood, she continued.


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