Rapper prays for the families of those who died at his concert.

A rapper has expressed his sorrow over the deaths of concertgoers, saying he wants to “send out prayers” to those affected.

Travis Scott, an American singer, was performing onstage at the Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, when panic broke out and the crowd began to press in on the stage. During the panic, ten fans were killed.

Ezra Blount, a nine-year-old boy, died on Sunday as a result of his injuries.
“I just want to send out prayers to the families of those who were lost,” Scott said.
Just keep your prayers up, everyone…
“I’m completely devastated.”

Blount’s death was described as “absolutely heartbreaking” by lawyer Ben Crump, who spoke on behalf of his family.

“This should be done,” he added.

Father God,

We pray for all those who’ve lost loved ones in this tragic events.

Draw close to those who mourn.

Bring them peace.


Source: Premier Gospel
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