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Skin Is In


Hey there beauties! Itís still technically summer and enjoying this warm weather means you are being even more exposed to the harmful elements, which can affect your skin in a negative way. So here are six tips you should follow to help maintain your skinís healthy glow, because Skin is in!

1) Develop a skin regimen that works for you. I cannot stress how important it is to develop a customized regimen to properly cleanse the skin. Pollutants that are invisible to the human eye attach themselves to the surface of the skin on a daily basis, which can cause unwanted breakouts and skin irritations. This will take a lot of trial and error in terms of the appropriate product to use. You can limit your options by identifying the type of skin you have. There are three categories your skin can fall under: Combination Skin (a mixture of dry and oily), Dry Skin, and Oily Skin. Donít forget your SPF as well!

2) Find a great dermatologist. Unfortunately, there are some skin issues that need the attention of an expert. Having a good dermatologist is beneficial whether you have trouble-prone skin or not. Recently, I experienced a severe allergic reaction to an unknown culprit and needed to see a doctor immediately. My dermatologist was able to prescribe medication that helped accelerate the healing process. If youíre experiencing severe skin problems, you may need a second opinion, so I suggest seeing an allergist. An allergist will be able to determine if you are allergic to a particular food or outdoor element that is causing any breakouts or inflammation. Zocdoc.com is a helpful tool to use as a reference for doctors.

3) Donít overuse products or medications. When it comes to skin, too much of a good thing can harm you. Be sure to follow the directions and only use the amount suggested which can usually be found on the back of your medication.

4) Stop popping pimples. Incorrectly that is. Yes there is a “right” way to pop a pimple that includes getting the infection (the pus inside) out, but most people don’t know how so I would strongly suggest that you see an esthetician for the best results! In addition when pimples are popped, it usually results in scarring especially for women of color who have a tendency to experience hyperpigmentation.

5) Remove your makeup. Beauties, you all know how I feel about going to bed with your makeup on! This is a major beauty felony. Leaving makeup on overnight is a sure way to clog your pores and cause breakouts and even inflammation, especially if you have problematic or sensitive skin. I love Neutrogena’s hydrating wipes because they don’t completely strip the skin of its moisture.

Can be found at your local drugstore or Walmart.

Can be found at your local drugstore or Walmart.

6) Drink Up.†Water is your friend! Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Drinking water is a natural way to keep your skin hydrated. It also helps rid the body of toxins. Sodas and juices contain unhealthy amounts of sugar and acid which can contribute to irritations. I challenge you to eliminate all soda and juice from your diet and replace it with water only! The results will amaze you and your body and skin will thank you. Remember the largest organ on the human body is our skin so be kind to it!

My skin regimen consists of Originsí checks and balances foaming wash I use the Mia Clarisonic to cleanse my face in the morning and at night.

My skin regimen consists of Originsí checks and balances foaming wash I use the Mia Clarisonic to cleanse my face in the morning and at night.

Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia

Chelea Lanham is a young, bright and innovative Christian woman who is a native of Queens, New York. While in college, Chelea worked in the spa industry and soon after decided to explore her love for beauty by enrolling in Empire Beauty School’s certified makeup program and gained experience backstage at fashion shows and plays like “Mama I Want to Sing.” Cheleaís interest is also literary and she maintains a blog called ďSaved. Celibate. FabĒ that encourages women to live for God while discussing various topics that affect us all, especially single women in the Church. Chelea continues to work in the spa industry and is also an active member of Christian Cultural Center where she serves in the music ministry.


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