The Names of GOD – Funmi Unstoppable

Funmi Unstoppable, an award-winning international music minister residing in the United Kingdom, has released her much-anticipated track, The Names of GOD.

The Names of GOD is a song that speaks of God’s awesomeness in many situations, knowing full well that every knee bends and every bad issue or condition is transformed when His name is mentioned.

With a revelation, God provided me direction on a project. I gathered a group of gospel artists around me and built an altar of genuine worship for almost 40 days, after which we continued it as a weekly program beyond my birthday. The song’s inspirations stemmed from a seasonal program that gave rise to “My Jehovah” and later “The Names of God” during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown in early 2020.

For whoever shall call on the name of God shall be saved.Romans 10:13



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