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The Priority of Fatherhood

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Our Father in heaven, hallowed by thy name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, (Matt. 6:9-10). The first thing that may be noticed is the fact that God is revealed as our Father. In other words, God is the Father of all creation including every man, woman, boy, and girl. Fatherhood is a priority to God! He serves as an example to every earthly father of what true fatherhood really looks like. Regardless of the changes experienced over time, God has not changed His mind. He has always been mans Father and fatherhood has always been His priority.

Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book The Principle of Fatherhood writes: At the center of the universes purpose is humanity. So the whole universe was created just for Gods children to have a place to exercise the Fathers dominion, and for their nature (image and likeness) to be like the Father. God created all that is, and thus became the Source, the Ab, and the Father of creation. What is a father? One who produces something and then sustains it, (pg. 79). This quote teaches that fatherhood is not realized simply because one has the ability to birth something, but also carries with it the responsibility for taking care of what one has birthed. God sustains everything that He created. The Bible testifies that He is responsible for even the birds and the lilies of the field and He takes great care in seeing that they are cared for. God has always taken care of all He has created and fatherhood has always been His priority.

Fatherhood reflects a relationship. One cannot be a father without a relationship. Gods will for fatherhood is always in the context of marriage. It is in this covenant relationship that the blessings of the Lord are upon the man. Every man was created to be responsible for his wife and children. This is an awesome responsibility and God, Himself, serves as a testimony to the faithfulness and perseverance that is required of fatherhood. Derek Prince shared these words from his book entitled Husbands and Fathers: I want to suggest to you that to succeed in other capacities and to fail as a husband or father is, in Gods sight, to fail. No other success can make up for that failure. I have said many times that the number-one problem in society today is delinquent malesmen who have failed in their two primary responsibilities: as husbands and as fathers, (pg. 14). God has always been faithful to keep His covenant promise and faithfulness has always been a priority with Him.

Man, the male-man, was created to be the representation of a father in the earth. He was to receive his understanding of fatherhood from his Heavenly Father. Somewhere along the way man fell out of relationship with God and his perception of the role of a father became distorted. Although mans ideal of fatherhood has changed, God has never changed His mind. His original purpose for the man and the family remains the same even to this day. Man was to be responsible for providing covering to his family in a covenant relationship and to remain faithful ensuring that his children became adults and modeled his example. No one in this relationship was more responsible than the man. It was the man who was created to sustain the lives of his family spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The man is yet accountable to the Father for his family.

God has always held fatherhood as His first priority, but the question today for every man is why is this not your number-one priority as well?

Dr. Clarence V. Boyd, Jr. is the Dean of Spiritual Formation at Oral Roberts University. He graduated from ORU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Social Work, a Masters of Arts degree in Theology and a Doctorate of Ministries degree.

Dr. Boyd is the Founder and President of Revelations-Revealed Truth Ministries whose major focus is to take the healing and delivering power of Christ to the inner city. He is also Co-Founder and Pastor of Revelations-Revealed Truth Evangelistic Center (RRTEC) in Tulsa and the author of Endangered Masculinity. He is married to Dr. Kim Boyd. They have four children and six grandchildren.

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