Walk Away – Peterson Okopi [Video+Music]

This is the video for one of the most-streamed songs from the Osuba album, “WALK AWAY,” by TWC Records artist Peterson Okopi, or “Peterson Okopi.”

WALK AWAY is a song about giving up your will to your father and relying on him to lead you. This beautiful song captures the very essence of our relationship with God in a way that is very moving. As they walk with God, this is one of the songs from the Osuba Album that has been getting a lot of attention around the world. It always encourages the listeners to trust God and keep going with him.

There were three people who worked on the song: Tkeyz made it, and Roland Joel Archy mixed and mastered it. Amachree Superstar made the music video for TWC Studios.

Watch and be happy.




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